At the “Uplands” of Psiloritis

Through the years, Crete has always offered a visitor a big surprise and challenge: her people, who through their Cretan hospitality prove that genuine descendants of Xenios Zeus, the god of hospitality, still live in this place. A visitor to Crete may be a total stranger to local people, however one instantly feels welcome here. To Cretans, hospitality is a lot more than a simple a gesture of politeness; it is a true ritual, something that needs to be offered and then accepted, in order to be whole and relevant.

Cretans have always been brought up to offer hospitality; when visitors accept it, then a remarkable, reciprocal relationship is formed. Spending time with local people, one will enjoy the traditional warm welcome that they have learned from the older generations, and which is still generously offered.

And should one drive up to Anogeia, one will have the chance to meet people who will be proud to help one discover, in the most sensitive way, the secrets of this sacred land. Anogeians will gladly guide one through the process of appreciating their age-old rhythm of life, which is still alive and present in even the simplest everyday activities.

Visitors can participate in festivals and religious celebrations that are held here throughout the year, and they will have the opportunity to listen to old traditional music, and taste local dishes cooked with ingredients straight from the fragrant, fertile land of Psiloritis. And should one be lucky enough to be at Nida on a clear summer night with a full moon, one could experience a magical moment, surrounded by the intoxicating fragrances and the soothing sounds of nature.

Welcome to the “Uplands” of Psiloritis, the land of Myth and Dream.

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